For corporate/small business headshots for groups, I tailor each shoot to meet the needs and personality of your company; from indoor and outdoor to studio lighting, determining what set is best comes first. By swapping authentic shots of your business environment for the standard generic stuff, my custom stock imagery service helps differentiate your website and marketing materials. Capturing the particular vibe of your team is my specialty, and I also offer environmental portraits (a.k.a. "hero shots"), which are great for magazine features, promo materials, and trade magazines.



These business photo shoots employ a professional yet creative approach that emulates the appeal of your company. Looking for a fresh and modern look and feel? Consider shooting outdoors. Outdoor shoots can take place in any outdoor location or just outside your office. Each employee will receive 7-10 photos in front of various backgrounds. The pricing is the same for me to do indoor portraits using the natural light available in your office. 

2-4 headshots - $350/person

5-25 headshots - $300/person


When your business needs headshots for your employees, I bring the studio to you! Whether an office background or conference room is our set, or we use one of my white, black, light/dark gray paper backdrops or we can also do a custom color to match your branding also available. Each employee will receive 5-7 photos.

2-4 headshots - $750/person

5-25 headshots - $500/person

Combo STUDIO/Outdoor Package

2-4 headshots - $950/person

5-25 headshots - $750/person


To see photo examples of the various types of headshots we offer - CLICK HERE!


Need more than 25 headshots? Contact me about multiple day shoots.

Custom Stock Imagery

We are pleased to offer our clients customized stock photography packages. No more scrolling through pages and pages of stock photography to find the perfect image that captures your brand and culture! 

You can use customized stock photography on your website, in your advertising materials, office brochures, and in your newsletter. Custom stock photos are a great way to make your company’s materials unique and reflect the true personality of your office space and employees.

We can capture your customized stock images in any way that works for you. We can let our photographer loose in your office to document the space and grab candids of people working and your office culture. Or, we can create a shot list with planned scenarios, including colleagues standing by the whiteboard, in a meeting, brainstorming in the break room... anything that captures your imagination. Our photographer is happy to suggest ideas for stock images, or we can work with a point person who knows your office and how it runs to create images that really show potential clients, colleagues, and investors how your company ticks.

Please contact us to discuss your custom stock imagery needs, and we can come up with a package that suits you and determine pricing.

Environmental/Hero Portraits

An environmental portrait, or "hero shot," uses a contextual background to create a visual narrative about the subject. These portraits help create a mood that will lead to a better understanding of who that person is and the story they want to tell. Many of our clients pick this option when a customized portrait setting makes sense—for example, when someone will be featured in a magazine, promo materials, or trade publications. We can shoot the CEO in his office, the scientist in her lab, or the owners in their restaurant. When photographing a person in their natural surroundings, we can better illuminate a client’s character and personality. 

Please contact us to discuss your vision, and then we can determine pricing.

Group and Business Partner Shots

For many companies, small businesses, and startups, a group photo can really capture the culture and vibe of the company and their team members. They can be used on the company website to add a lighter touch to the traditional headshots, and they can also be used in newsletters, internal publications, magazine features, and other platforms where a group photo would send a warm, inviting message to potential clients. Group shots can range from formal to fun and can underscore the company’s brand and personality.

Please contact us to discuss your vision, and then we can determine pricing.

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