What is a mini-session?

A mini-sessions is 30 minutes of photography fun for you and your family. This type of photo session is ideal for families that simply want some updated photos for their holiday card or need to get a few new stellar family photos to share on Instagram/FB with friends and family.


How many people can come to a mini-session?

Up to five family members can appear can come to a mini-session. If you have more than five family members, please upgrade to my full family photo session. If you’re going to bring your dog, please let me know beforehand.

How much are mini-sessions?

There are different pricing tiers for photo sessions depending on when you want to do your session. The sooner you book, the cheaper it is.

How do I book a mini-session?

Mini-sessions are first come, first served, so please contact me through my website and use the mini session intake form.

How many images will I get from the mini-session?

You will receive 25-50 high resolution fully edited images in an online gallery. I include both color and black and white pics. You do your own printing and I have a few companies to recommend using - Social Print Studio and Parabo Press! 

How do the sessions normally go?

For the adults, you should always be smiling and I will give you a series of directions/poses to keep things moving along. Parental units, please try to stay close to one another (hold hands or wrap your arms around one another) no matter what direction I'm giving to the kids. Remember to relax, smile, and breathe—we are here to have a good time. No matter what happened before you got to the photoshoot (your kiddo didn’t want to put on his shoes or your sweet baby threw a temper tantrum in the car), let it go before the session starts. I have no expectations about your child’s behavior during your photo session. No matter how uncooperative or unruly your kids might be during the session, it’s okay. I promise that I will get you some super awesome photos of your family, even if they aren’t perfect; because honestly, perfect is boring. If you have an infant, please bring some sort of toy that makes noise or is colorful enough to get their attention. For kids aged two to ten, I have found that group hugs, holding-hands-swinging, picking up the kid on your shoulders, having a tickle attacks, kisses, playing airplane, and/or hugs around the neck are sure bets to produce a great family photo. Just giving you a heads up that I will make you all physically interact!

Want to upgrade to a full family session? More photos, more time with me, less rushing around?

I’d love it If you want to do a longer family session which runs about 45-60 min. Just email me at hello@portraitstothepeople.com and indicate that you want a full family session.

Looking forward to working with you!